Giant seeking rejoining training

  • Recently, the NBA Finals is in full swing, many stars are from the Auckland and Cleveland to watch the wonderful finals, like the New York giants take over Odell - Beckham once together with the Brazilian star Neumer together Golden State watched the finals, and a few days later went to Cleveland to support the Cavs home, during the Warriors also played with some interesting friction: in the fourth game before the start of the player channel, Odell - Beckham Deliberately waiting for Stephen - Curry, Beckham jokingly standing on the side, with the library that warriors can not sweep the knight and the like, and the library to respond to why not, but also took away the Beckham Be careful to fall on the ground of jewelry. Beckham see the game to see too happy, and he and the giant on the wage contract has produced some minor problems, to know Odell - Beckham this season, the basic wage is only 1.8 million US dollars.
    So in the past three weeks the Giants team volunteer training camp and no Beckham figure, so Beckham has a little forgotten the New York Giants forced training camp is about to begin, but the Giants do not think Beckham Will continue to miss the team's training camp, coach Ben - McCarthy will hope that Beckham can return to the training camp in time.
    "Of course, I certainly expect everyone to be on time, I will not spend too much time to say what the attendance problem, we look forward to everyone will be able to appear in the training camp.I once again declared that I do not want Talk about these things in detail, "McCurry said.
    But McCarthy did not mention the details of Odel Beckham, although the choice of not to participate in the team's training camp is fully in line with the player's rights, voluntary training camp is off during the game because the player's individual wishes to participate in a project , There are many players will skip this process.