Top 5 Affordable Ideas for a Stylish Kitchen

  • Most homeowners dream of a modern kitchen with a stylish design. They want the unique combination of aesthetic beauty and enhanced functionality. A stylish kitchen with a modern design has a lot to offer - besides a variety of functionalities, it can add to the décor of your interior and enhance the home’s overall appeal. There are a few highly reputable kitchen renovation companies in Cape Town, that offer high quality kitchen renovation services. (Information Credit –


    Whether you want to renovate your kitchen to a brand new and modern look, or if you are moving to a new place and looking for a stylish design, good planning is important.


    Below are some ideas to help you in the planning process:


    1. Kitchen storage

    Never underestimate the role of storage in the kitchen. Built-in cupboards play a really important role in the kitchen, often neglected by home owners when they remodel. The storage system should be properly organised, depending on both what is practical and also the homeowner's needs. A professional touch will ensure that there is enough space, and that the most frequently used items are always reachable.


    2. Open shelving

    Open shelving in your kitchen helps enhance your kitchen’s look and functionality. This type of shelving allows easy access to all utensils and ingredients. It also empowers the homeowner with the ability to arrange the shelves nicely, displaying the items of their choice to visitors, which in turn increases the kitchen’s overall visual appeal.


    3. Kitchen floor

    Sometimes overlooked, the floor is an essential part of the kitchen. Every kitchen design expert generally starts with a proper floor plan. For a modern and stylish kitchen, it is crucial to start with a decent layout and planning before starting the kitchen renovation process. You can also use home design software to achieve this. Instruct your kitchen designer to provide you with different types of layout options, and observe carefully how they look in 3D models.


    4. Lighting

    The experts generally prefer natural light for your kitchen. Natural light tends to make your kitchen more vibrant, bright and energetic, and a white light helps to accentuate a subtle look. There are other bold lighting options like low voltage dim bulbs, incandescent lights and LED lights depending on your needs and requirements.


    5. Kitchen cupboard design

    Cabinet design plays a huge role - this element takes up the most visual space and visitors notice the cupboard doors first. You can opt for a modern, modular kitchen cabinet that provides flexible designs, or something more classical that reflects your personal choice and tastes.


    Making use of an experienced kitchen design specialist will help you transform your kitchen into a dynamic space, while saving you time and money.