Security Cameras that Survey and Protect All

  • The need for security cameras are being realised in South Africa in every sector due to quite high crime rates. Over the past three years, statistics say that the rate of murders have increased in the country. To suit the requirements of the customers several companies have come up with technologically advanced security cameras and gadgets.


    From body cameras to site towers, the surveillance device manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa have it all. WCCTV range of security cameras is widely popular in the country currently due to their advanced technology and versatility. (Information Credit –


    WCCTV Body Worn Camera: The best feature of WCCTV body worn camera apart from its image capturing abilities and picture clarity is live transmission. The operator will be able to view live video and communicate with person wearing it. The operator can also learn about the exact location of the wearer through GPS. Live transmission of audio and video is possible through Wi-Fi connectivity or high speed network. GPS information and real-time alerts are also relayed in the same process.


    WCCTV Dome Camera: The dome cameras that have been manufactured with the help of WCCTV technology have advanced features and can be connected through Wi-Fi and other networks. The operator will be able to see live video and audio and also receive immediate alerts in case of any adverse situation. Therefore, actions will be immediately taken and a much serious situation can be avoided. The WCCTV dome cameras can capture long distance images too.


    WCCTV Site Tower: The WCCTV site towers are designed to provide total site security in the industrial or construction sites. These types of surveillance devices are also used in locations where temporary security or monitoring is required. The WCCTV site towers have been designed specifically to meet the security requirements at a construction site. The product is basically an all-in-one mobile video surveillance tower.


    PPSS Products: Many people in South Africa are acquainted with the camera range and productivity of PPSS products. What you may not know is that the PPSS products can be connected to the smartphones through mobile application. The operator will be able to receive updates and alerts, and do live surveillance through the app connecting PPSS products from any region.


    GoGo Gate: GoGo Gate is a smart opener that allows video monitoring. The user management features of GoGo Gate let the operator simultaneously control three doors.


    GoGo Camera: The GoGo cameras are known for versatility and are available at the surveillance system renowned suppliers in and around Cape Town. These version of security cameras are ideal for using in hospitals, schools etc.


    All the security gadgets mentioned here are high-quality products and cost comparatively higher than their counter parts that may not have such high level productivity. It is better to make a one-time investment by purchasing a high-quality rather than having to pay maintenance costs every few months or purchasing another brand new product as the year ends.

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