Easy steps to secure your yahoo mail account!!for help call yah

  • Do you know how to be your yahoo mail account secure?if you don't know Don't Worry; we are here to help you.
    This is the common problems which everyone facing.If you want to make your yahoo mail account secure you should only follow these easy steps.
    1.1st of all, make sure your password is well chosen and not shared.
    2. Setup Two step verification-It's create the strong security wall between you and criminal.
    3. Check your Yahoo mail Setting - Also in the “Sign-in and Security” section of the “Account Info” page is an option to“View your recent sign-in activity“.
    If your all problems aren't resolved.Please click on given link for more information
    Read more:https://goo.gl/HZmZ8c
    Or instant help contact Yahoo by phone +1 8444 888 666.