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  • If need be hide dirty dishes in the dish washer or under the sink. Using your Clean Room and a few coffee filters wipe down the refrigerator, stove and counter tops. Spray a couple of squirts of window cleaner on your dish cloth and wipe out the sink. Window cleaner is a great quick cleaner and it doesn't leave streaks.

    If you have something citrus cut one up and run it through your garbage disposal with four or five ice cubes. It will freshen the whole room, thus making it smell cleaner too. Run a damp mop over your floor allowing it to dry before placing a couple bright colored work area rugs down.

    If you have a pet, try removing all signs of their hair by going over the furniture with a lint brush or roller. If one isn't handy, lightly dampen a cloth and run it over the furniture and tables. Don't forget the lamp shades as they collect dust, hair and dander also. Sooner or later everyone wants to go to the kitchen so it is a must to do. Start by putting away all appliances that do not belong on the counters. The rule is, if you aren't going to use it, put it away.

    Once that is done, fold all blankets or throws. Fluff up your pillows and cushions arranging them on the sofa and chairs. Vacuum the floor, backing out of the room as you go. DO NOT move the furniture, only vacuum down the middle and around the furniture as your guest will not be looking under your sofa.

    Also, plastic bins sales have exploded. While am not usually an advocate of these, consider buying one for your cleaning supplies. In this bin you can store all your brushes, rags and even a roll of paper towels. Think of it for a moment: instead of stashing all of your cleaning supplies under the sink in the kitchen, you can have them waiting for you in a bin. And you can have the bin stored in a convenient location where you can be sure it's always handy. When you're ready to clean, remove only those items you'll be using for that day.

    So, organizing your tools is the first key to speed cleaning. You won't have to hunt for all the necessary Ceiling Panel and accessories. You need fewer "tailor-made" tools than you think. Don't spend a fortune buying the streamlined, specialized tools you see on television. It's just not necessary. Look around your house. You already have a lot of what you need.

    See more at http://www.gzcleanroom.com/
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    9/15/17 at 1:00 AM
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