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flocculus red wingceltis

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    September 13, 2017 6:32 AM PDT

    Although flocculus red wingceltis is not GB annatto, but as GB annatto rare with each passing day be short of and the limitation of international endangered protection,snap on deck board covers the personage inside a few course of study delivers the view to flocculus red wingceltis.

    Replace as a kind of annatto with material, no matter flocculus red wingceltis is returned from lumber function it is grain respect all has go up beautiful expression, decorative paneling for interior walls wood effect got of factory of a lot of furniture and consumer love, having pretty good public praise in the market.

    Beans of annatto GB cliff is belonged to, gallinaceous wing wood kind. Material is qualitative hard and heavy, gas does wear-resisting of height of density 0.80-0.91g/cm3; plastic boards for decking lumber, drying shrinkage is small, strength is moderate. Because of the lumber color of wood of African chicken wing summary hair fizzles out, reason also is called " yellow chicken wing " , wood of African chicken wing is bigger straighter, material is qualitative soft fragile, wpc deck board