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France will rise to 10 euros per carton in 2020

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    November 14, 2017 4:29 PM PST

    In order to curb tobacco consumption, the French government decided to raise the tobacco tax rate. After 4 years of stabilization, the box price will rise by an average of 30 cents from November 13th.

    The day before, a French decree published in the latest menthol smoking Gazette public accounts department "" the most widely pointed out that sales of Marlboro cigarettes from a box of 7 euros rose to 7.3 euros from 6.9 euros a box of camels rose to 7.2 euros from 6.5 euros, I rose to 6.8 Name Brand Cigarette euros from 6.5 euros, Winston Smoking Cigarettes rose to 7 the euro.

    In general, cigarette prices will rise by an average of 30 cents, but anonymous sources said that a small number of cigarette brands rose less, such as sales of the second largest Philip Maurice (103.51, 0.49, 0.48%) rose only 10 cents, to 7 euros. Cigarette retailers LCB only 20 euro cents, to 6.8 euros.

    The French customs and health ministry #cigscheap# issued a joint statement saying that the average value of 20 boxed cigarettes increased by 35 cents. The retail price of 20 boxes of cigarettes near 4/5 will be equal to or higher than 7 euros. The minimum permitted price of 20 boxed cigarettes is 6.7 euros, the highest 8.1 euros. The statement pointed out that, in order to achieve 20 boxes of cigarettes in November 2020 rose to 10 euros target, now across the first stage.

    According to the report, the price of cigarettes will be increased by 1 euros in March 2018, and the price of boxed cigarettes will be increased by 6 times from now until the end of 2020.