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    June 13, 2018 7:52 PM PDT
    One of the best places for a fishing vacation on Ambergris Caye is El Pescador Resort so go check it out

    The name El Pescador Resort is a bit of a giveaway for anyone with a smattering of a foreign language. This of course is primarily a fishing lodge for people who are looking for a fishing vacation on Ambergris Caye in Belize. Of course it is beachfront which also makes it suitable as a vacation resort Marcel Halstenberg Deutschland Trikot , and extremely good value for anyone who wants to take part in underwater activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving.

    The El Pescador Resort is styled very much in the colonial manner, being white and rather lovely with only twelve rooms and one suite, plus a collection of private one, two and three bedroomed villas in the grounds, set in two groupings each surrounding a private pool. It isn?t inexpensive costing around USD 415 a night Leroy Sane Deutschland Trikot , but you will certainly get value for money. It is on the east side of Ambergris Caye with the beautiful turquoise Caribbean sea on your doorstep, and the Belize Barrier Reef as a backdrop.

    The El Pescador Resort is to be found at Bahia del Punta Arena on a private beach which is beautifully looked after, and is in a good slightly isolated position so you are away from the hustle and bustle, but if you want to join in then you can easily access San Pedro for shopping or nightlife.

    As a fishing lodge El Pescador Resort has been well known for many years, and in fact anglers have been coming here for over 25 years. The great thing about it is the fact that it caters to all types of fisherman. This includes sport fishing Sebastian Rudy Deutschland Trikot , fly fishing, but the speciality of the house so to speak is sight casting the flats. All the guides speak English and their skill is such that even if you are a novice they will quickly teach you to a level of competence.

    You will get great fishing very close to the lodge because the waters here offer such a huge variety of choice seldom found anywhere else.

    You will be able to sight cast the flats for tarpon, bonefish, and permit. Go to the lagoons, and cast for ladyfish and snook Marc-Andre ter Stegen Deutschland Trikot , troll the reef for wahoo, kingfish and barracuda, and jig the bottom for snapper and grouper.

    Not that the fisherman is the only one catered to at El Pescador Resort. It may be one of the best fishing resorts around Belize but you will also have lots of amenities if you happen to be a fishing widow, or a family group looking to relax at this very nice beachfront resort. Apart from snorkelling the reef, or lying around one of the pools Ilkay Gundogan Deutschland Trikot , you will be well fed, with a good restaurant and a comfortable bar, happy and hopefully very relaxed. The facilities on offer includes three pools, an exercise room, complimentary kayaks and bicycles. There is wi fi for those who just can?t escape their laptops Julian Brandt Deutschland Trikot , and instructors in everything from fishing to scuba diving.

    You must use the tours office because it would verge on the criminal to come to Belize and not visit the jungle and the Mayan ruins.

    In postscript whilst El Pescador Resort may be a fishing lodge providing a great fishing vacation, it also doubles up as a great beachfront hotel for all the family in a lovely private position.

    Warming up and down is important to any sport. Most golfers just wing it. They twist around with their club at their waist, take a couple of putts and they are ready to go. By the fourth or fifth hole, the back starts to ache from improper warm up. In every sport proper warm up is key to obtain peak performance. Muscles need to be stretched and blood circulation increased before physical exertion. The body then works in greater harmony. Massage chairs now make warming up and down fun and easy before your next round.

    Golf is an interesting sport. It is viewed by many a low impact, since golfers ride carts or only walk. As opposed to sports like soccer where you need to run. However Leon Goretzka Deutschland Trikot , golf requires repetitive motions. The repetitive motion of the golf swing can impact the entire body. The swing requires a large degree of motion to accomplish properly. The repetitive swinging motion can cause back, shoulder and neck pain. This is especially possible with little to no warm up.

    The golf swing when done without an adequate warm up can actually cause damage to the muscles and tendons. Warming up helps to increase the elasticity of the muscle tissue. This helps increase your range of motion. The golf swing has a very long range of motion. Loosening up the muscles and tendons with a massage chair can be effective to increase blood flow and get your body started.

    If you back muscles are not flexible, then your swing may suffer accordingly. Think of the motion of teeing off. The arc that the golf club needs to make is a long range of motion. You have to position your feet, shoulders and head correctly to get a good, consistent swing. Everything is related. If your have back discomfort or tightness Mario Gotze Deutschland Trikot , then your swing will be off as well.

    Prior to your next golf outing, try a simple warm up routine. Your warm up should include basic stretching. Stretch out the legs, arms and your torso. You want to get your muscles flexible in the movements you will make when golfing. You can go for a short walk to get your blood flowing and pick up your heart rate. This helps to get nutrients flowing to your muscles. Make sure you warm up starting 30 minutes before you play. You do not want to start too early to warm up.

    Shiatsu massage therapy is a great way to get an invigorating warm up. Shiatsu effectively warms up the muscles, increases blood flow and increase alertness. Some of the top manufacturers of massage chairs like Panasonic, Omega and Sanyo have shiatsu massage therapy. A very effective model of massage chair is the Panasonic EP 30004.

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